Welcome to Bite Copenhagen 

Bite Copenhagen is Denmark's new ambitious B2B food exhibition for national and international food actors. Bite presents an authentic snapshot of the gastronomic trends of tomorrow and celebrate the quality and origin of food. It will be a Mecca for everyone who prioritizes quality, aesthetics and great gastronomy.

Bite Copenhagen 2017 was only the beginning - the date for 2018 has already been set to the 30th – 31st of August. Here, Bite will return with even more innovative products, technological advancements, gastronomic wonders, and speaks from the entrepreneurs who helps create the future solutions.

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Reserve a booth at Bite Copenhagen 2018 
After a comlpetely sold out Bite Copenhagen 2017, it is now possible to apply for a booth at Bite Copenhagen 2018. Follow this 

Thank you for a fantastic first edition of Bite Copenhagen.
With more than 120 exhibitors and over 3.000 visitors from around the world, we experienced a great political, private and public interest in the future food solutions. 

BOOTHS SOLD OUT: The amount of quality conscious and innovative exhibitors has exceeded all expectations, and with more than 120 unique exhibitors, the booths at Bite Copenhagen are completely sold out. Visitors can stil register to visit Bite Copenhagen. Follow this link.

Unique streetfood-mecca at Bite Copenhagen
When Bite Copenhagen opens its doors on the 24th and 25th of August, visitors get unprecedented opportunities to satisfy their tastebuds with some of the most interesting street food in Denmark right now. In connection with Bite Copenhagen Streetfood Denmark members ensure that no one leaves the exhibition with a dry throat or a stifling stomach. opportunities to satisfy their tastebuds with some of the most interesting street food in Denmark right now. Read more here.

International quality producers exhibits at Bite Copenhagen
At this year's Bite Copenhagen you can experience a new innovative entrepreneurial product from Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company or get acquainted with the family-run company Tartessos, which for more than 100 years has developed and refined the classic stored ibérico-ham. Additionally, you can taste new products from Pacari, whose international award winning chocolate originates exclusively from small, organic cocoa producers in Ecuador. Read more 

Organic Innovation Zone
The final program for the 200-square-meter Organic Innovation Zone is now in place, and there is much knowledge to be gained for professionals within the food industry. For example - gain knowledge about the Organic Food Brand and how it can provide value to your company. Get to know more about the program here.

Technological Institute presents the future food solutions
3D-printet food, insects and plants as alternative sources of protein as well as large scale food waste prevention, will be just some of the many solutions that Technological Institute presents at this year’s Bite Copenhagen. Learn more here

Crickets, charity and a world food summit on the menu 
In a world where human footsteps are leaving deeper and deeper marks on the planet, it's time to rethink the way we handle our food in a responsible way. At Bite you will meet some of the creative front runners, who have managed to turn their new ideas to e.g re-think food waste prevention, and create a successful business model by doing so. Learn more

A partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark
Bite Copenhagen is based on a unique partnership between the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food and BC Hospitality Group A/S. Unique, owing to the fact that the new exhibition will be held along side with the second edition of the 'Better Food for More People - World Food Summit'. Learn more here.

Food Actors at the World Food Summit
At this year's World Food Summit you will find participants like René Redzepi, founder restaurant Noma, Danish and international chefs, bloggers, food experts and leading decisionmakers from international food companies. Including Nestlé, McDonalds, Carlsberg and Campbell Soup. Additionally, you will find leading universities such as Yale and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, senior politicians and government officials from USA, China, Germany, Japan and South Africa. Bite Copenhagen welcomes the participants from the food summit the 24th of August 2017. Learn more here

Miljø og fødevareministerietCopenhagen Cooking og Food Festival

24th and 25th of August 2017

Forum Copenhagen

Thursday 9AM - 6PM

Friday 9AM - 6PM